Private Cuba Tours from the USA

Premier Travel specializes in traveling to Cuba with small groups, building a custom private travel package built just for you. Bring your friends and family for a tour of Cuba that's not quite a tour... it's an experience.

Private Travel to Cuba Customized for You

Unlike the larger tour operators, Premier Travel is a boutique company with a focus on you and your group’s enjoyment and experience, with custom private itineraries. We encourage small groups of 5-10 — preferably you and your friends — so you can experience Cuba like a local, not a tourist. Have fun with us and enjoy everything Cuba has to offer. We’ll do it your way!

People-to-People Cuba Travel Experience

Cuba is a beautiful country made up of 11 million fascinating people. Experience Cuba’s culture with our expert guides and really get a feel for the island’s people, food, and traditions. We know Cuba like the locals, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’ll get the most from your trip, and be able to experience it in the most authentic way.  

A Personal Touch for A Better Trip to Cuba

When you travel with us, you’ll get true one-to-one service for a stress-free trip to Cuba. Our guides work with your small group on a flexible itinerary to focus on enjoying Cuba and its people, instead of just a quick tour of all the sights. You won’t see Cuba, you’ll experience it, with our custom private Cuba travel plans. 


Cuba Travel Packages

Our travel plans to Cuba are designed to offer a fun and easy travel experience. If you have your own ideas for how you'd like to experience Cuba, please contact us.

Rhythms of Cuba

5 days / 4 nights
Spend a little time in some of Cuba's most vibrant areas. Explore urban culture in Havana, see one of the world's most beautiful coasts at Varadero, and experience rural life in Cuba in Pinar del Rio's countryside.
  • Day 1 Miami-Havana
  • Day 2 Pinar del Rio/Viñales
  • Day 3 Matanzas/Varadero
  • Day 4 Havana
  • Day 5 Havana-Miami

A Taste of Cuba

6 days / 5 nights
Spend some time in the countryside of Pinar del Rio and world-famous coastal areas of Matanzas and Varadero, plus more time in the bustling city of Havana to immerse yourself a rich culture unlike anything you've experienced.
  • Day 1 Miami-Havana
  • Day 2 Pinar del Rio/Viñales
  • Day 3 Havana
  • Day 4 Matanzas/Varadero
  • Day 5 Havana
  • Day 6 Havana-Miami

Traditional Cuba

7 days / 6 nights
Visit Cienfuegos, "The Pearl of the South" and settle in for a few days in Havana to really get a feel for this bustling metropolis. A day trip to beautiful Varadero rounds out an unforgettable cultural and historical experience.
  • Day 1 Miami-Cienfuegos
  • Day 2 Cienfuegos/Trinidad
  • Day 3 Cienfuegos-Havana
  • Day 4 Havana
  • Day 5 Havana
  • Day 6 Havana
  • Day 7 Havana-Miami

Photos of Cuba

Photos don't do Cuba justice. You really have to see it for yourself. But in the mean time, have a look at these beautiful pictures taken by our own guests.


Happy Travelers

We make traveling to Cuba an exciting and stress-free experience. But don't take our word for it, see what our guests have to say!

As a Cuban-American, I have always been curious about what life is like in Cuba. I was the first in my family to see Cuba since my parents and grandparents left in the early 1960s, and I’ve already gone back and plan to go many times. I’m hooked! I didn’t get a “tour” of Havana and Pinar del Rio, I was able to really experience everything from the beautiful scenes and the variety of delicious food, to the amazing and friendly people who have made me feel at home. What can I say… I fell in love! Carlos really makes the trip fun, and the way he knows his way around Cuba makes me feel well taken care of. I don’t think I can trust anyone else to show me Cuba the way I want to see it.

Karel Felipe

So in love! We had such a great time with you guys.️ Still talking about the trip! We are the perfect foursome.


Carlos, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all the support and advice you provided in preparation for our trip to Cuba. And the assistance you provided “on the ground” was invaluable. I was able to reunite with the family and will be making many trips back. Thanks again, for everything! My best to Charlie. Un abrazo fuerte, Alberto.


Dear Carlos, Thank you so much for the tour of your beautiful country. It was amazing from start to finish but it was bittersweet seeing the plight of wonderful people. Every day brought a new adventure, the highlight being the convertible ride to the restaurant. A beautiful, perfect night ending at the club at our hotel. (Thank you for telling me I didn’t have two left feet dancing.) We have already used the Cuban coffee cups. A great memory every time we use them. Thanks for the memories. Love, Ken & Joann 

Ken & Joann

Dear Carlos, We all want to thank you for such a wonderful experience and a great time in Cuba. With deep appreciation for all you did to make our trip so memorable.

The Lally and Tedeschi Families

Thank you Carlos for the perfectly wonderful eight days in your beautiful country of Cuba, as well as here in Florida. Greg and I enjoyed every minute because of your efforts to make everything we experienced so special. I know I speak for all four of us when I say this… A special thanks to Lugo and Hector and all your families and friends who treated us like family as well. They all have no shortage of graciousness! Thanks ever so much!

Patti & Greg

Dear Carlos, There are not enough words to describe the experience you gave us in Cuba. Your love and passion for the country and more important, the people of Cuba is amazing. This trip far exceeded our expectations of the trip. I can’t wait to go back and visit your many friends and family next year. Much love!

Dear Carlos, Thanks for making our first trip to Cuba amazing! We loved the trip and it was really special to see the country through your eyes. We saw things we never could have seen without your help. It was an unforgettable experience. We always knew you were a big shot int he US, but you’re also the king of Cuba! Thanks for everything. 

Joe & Henry

Our trip to Cuba with Premier Travel Services was fantastic! We had a small group of 5 people with a van for our transportation.  The experience far out shined any of the larger trips of 30-50 people on a large bus type tour.  Carlos, the company owner and our guide was amazing.  Having lived in Cuba he was able to provide us with his perspective on the changes in Cuba pre & post revolution.  Carlos has an extensive list of Cuban contacts and friends that made the trip memorable.  We met so many locals and interacted in a way that wouldn’t have been possible on a large tour.  We had dinner with friends,we were invited into local homes for lunch and many nights went out on the town to listen to live music.  This trip was truly a cultural immersion and exchange. If you want to go to Cuba do it with Premier Travel and Carlos!  You’ll experience Cuba and have a great amount of fun!  I wouldn’t do it any other way!


Come with us to Cuba!

Let us create a customized itinerary for your group. We encourage small groups, ideally of friends and family.